Tuesday, January 10, 2012

They say...

Jonas Jonson Brunk (or Jonas Jonasson Bronken, Jonas Jonassen Bronck), born 1600 North Ljunga Socken, Småland. Died in 1643, is according to the story the man who gave name to the district of the Bronx in New York City, USA.

He is said to have bought a piece of land from the Indians. The land was called by the people there for the broncho's Land, and eventually the Bronx.

Brunk's father was also named Jonas and was a farmer. His mother was Marit Jonsdotter Brunk in Komstad Backgård. At first it was thought that Jonas would be a farmer like his father but he wanted to become a sailor and travel to foreign countries.

It is known that he made ​​long journeys, perhaps even to India.
Early in May 1639, he was on his way to New Netherland in today's New York state.

Snatched from Wiki!