Sunday, January 1, 2012

SWTOR: First Impressions!

Well, it's fun. It's really really fun!

The interactive quest "menus" is a big leap from the normal quests found in other MMORPGS. I chose to play a Sith Inqusitor first (now playing a Bounty Hunter Merc) and one of the first questgivers you get kinda shows how interactive the new quests are. I really hated that guy. I really wanted to kill him due to his rudeness and cockyness.

The quests in SWTOR are all cinematic and have voice actors so instead of reading quests in your boring mind voice, you have a voice actor read them to you so you can hear all their arrogance and cuntiness (Siths are bastards).

The map system is great too. If you are talking about quests it's really an A to B system. You pick a quest, look at the map and it shows right away where you should go. And if you are not nearby the quest point it shows the waypoint to that quest.

You also get a companion at an early level so you allways have a tank/healer/dps:er along side with you.

I'm only level 11 so i havent gotten into PVP or instances but that will be for another post in the future!

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