Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Super Soldier Ant!

Tinker, tailor, soldier ant!

Scientist have created a new breed of genetic altered ant super soldiers.

From the Daily Mail: Nightmarish 'supersoldier' ants with huge heads and jaws have been created by activating ancient genes.

Scientists believe the monster ants may be a genetic throwback to an ancestor that lived millions of years ago.

Scientists say they can create the supersoldiers at will by dabbing normal ant larvae with a special hormone - the larvae then develop into supersoldiers rather than normal soldier or worker ants.

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I think i should update the "Pets i want to have" article now.


  1. Ah, I remember this article. Strange that it was the result of activating a dormant gene -- perhaps there was a point in time where it was evolutionarily favourable to have a head the size of your body?

  2. That's a huge head! Surprising that it can walk right.

  3. That thing is hideous!! It makes me sick, but that is very incredible what they have done.