Thursday, January 5, 2012

Strange/awesome pets i want to have

Bald Eagle
Imagine walking down the street in your town, like the bad ass that you are, but this time you have a god damned Eagle sitting on your shoulder.

And if someone tries to do something funny to you, the eagle will spread his wings across 7 feet and start hollering like crazy and go for attack mode (they aim at the eyes and throat)

Their diet mostly consist of fish, so you can basically go to an eagle tolerant restaurant (I'm not sure how many of those we have in Sweden) and other fish and have a nice dinner with your fucking bald eagle sitting across the table. I would also give it some wine, because the thought about a shit faced eagle is even more bad ass.

Honey Badger
This one is pretty fucking self explanitory

Enough said!

The closest to owning a dinosaur you can get. They are carnivorous and you feed them live bunnies/chickens etc (or frozen ones, but that's probably not as fun)

Imagine bringing home some one and say "I'm just going to feed my pet" and you pick up a live bunny, look at the person, throw the bunny in a cage and watch a blood crazed monitor grabbing the bunny and crashing it everywhere. Because first impressions last!

They can grow to be about 2.5 meters. And you can walk them around in a leash and have them hunt and eat those annoying city pigeons.

Highly intelligent and loyal also. And as in the eagle case you can have the raven on your should as well, or have them circle around you 50 feet above and make you look like death himself.

From Wiki: One experiment designed to evaluate insight and problem-solving ability involved a piece of meat attached to a string hanging from a perch. To reach the food, the bird needed to stand on the perch, pull the string up a little at a time, and step on the loops to gradually shorten the string. Four of five Common Ravens eventually succeeded, and "the transition from no success (ignoring the food or merely yanking at the string) to constant reliable access (pulling up the meat) occurred with no demonstrable trial-and-error learning."

It might be illegal to own every single one of theses animals, but if you have an eagle, honey badger, monitor and a raven as your loyal friends, i would like to see someone try to take them away.


  1. get raven pet, feel like a motherfuckin wizard! :D

  2. I love the original honey badger video! Awesome creature, what a life it has:

    1) steal a meal from a king cobra
    2) kill the cobra while getting poisoned
    3) have a sleep
    4) wake up
    5) eat the cobra
    6) wonder off with a full belly :D

  3. the eagle would be awesome. Eagle bro

    i always wanted a pet fox

  4. What about a wolverine? Probably the best animal ever to protect a property.

  5. Fuckin love that honey badger video