Sunday, January 8, 2012

Strange accident

An accidental shot from own gun struck and killed a practice shooter in his 20s at Spillepengens shooting facility in the north of Malmö.
The accident occurred at lunchtime. Shortly later the man was declared dead.

Exactly how the accident happened is not known. The police did soon realize that the fatal bullet came from the man's own weapon. Five to six people were nearby when the accident occurred, but no other people were hurt.

How in the hell? I guess it was a ricochette but the report said that the "bullet" came from his own weapon, making it sound like it was the whole bullet, and not fragments.


  1. Wow that stinks must have bounced off something

  2. Maybe it was the planned assassination of a high profile target?

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  3. looks like the victim...
    was his own wort enemy!