Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dual monitor issue!

Since i got back from a LAN-party i'm having some issues with my dual monitor setup.

When i plug in a monitor with the normal blue VGA-cable the monitor works (tried on both) but when i try to connect my second monitor via display port nothing happens (same issue on both monitors).

Have anyone any idea what i should try out? I've tested with another display port cable with the same results.

Is there a setting in BIOS i need to change? I've updated my graphics drivers so it's up to date!

Any suggestions?


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  2. maybe its a windows option.. I need to do export to monitor +extended display for my duel monitors to work.. Its weird but it works fine that way.

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  4. woooo LAN party. how long did you guys game for?

  5. Did you try and tweak to the flux capacitor to 35%? and adjust the protons to medium strength. also make sure all your megahertz are in order. Then you should be all set