Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Calendar Science!

So it seems that the world "may" no longer have 365 days, but 364!

American scientists have figured out a calendar so that all the holidays will happen on the same weekdays (like christmas will occur on a thursday every year).

The first two months of each quarter has 30 days, the third 31st. An extra week added alternately in every five and six years after New Year's Eve so the calendar should not distance itself far from the sun again.

Doesn't matter if you're unemployed. But as an employee, it rocked to have some free days of randomly in the middle of the week.

Thoughts? Pros and Cons!


  1. as long as it don't put holidays redundant with weekends, I'm fine with it, ahahahaha

  2. I don't like it. I like looking ahead in the calender and figuring out what going on on which dates. I guess it's just fun for me :)

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  3. nice to know, but do i need to know it :)