Friday, January 20, 2012

Swedish Viking Police

Fast forward to 3:15 to see a Swedish Viking Cop in action!

If there's a couple of things i've learned is that:

1. Always comply with the police.
2. Don't swear at the police.
3. Don't get yourself in a bad situation.
4. If you do get in a bad situation, make sure it is self defense.
5. If i cop tells you to sit down/be quite/turn around and put your hands on your back, you fucking do so.
6. Never ever, ever, ever argue with the police.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The day!

Drove 50 minutes to another city to sit in a meeting for one hour. Drive back home. Eat pizzas with my dad because i have been crawing for it for a week.

Tomorrow i hope i get a really uplifting phonecall. Or no. I'm hoping i'll get two important phone calls. But i allways keep a balanced sense of mind because getting the hopes up and then getting them crushed fucking sucks.

I'm still searching for work or internships that will lead to a job! And i might go on a course regarding Social Media which can lead to working for a company and deal with their facebook page etc. Awesome!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Posting from my galaxy nexus

This phone fucking rocks!

Kog'Maw: First games!

Kog'Maw was free to play this week and yesterday i decided to try him/her out.

Awesome champion with a fuck ton of damage if you go all out in attack speed and attack damage. I can melt away tanks with ease with kog's W skill and Madreds bloodrazor.

And if an enemy is running away from me i can use kog'maws ridiculous ulti with its ridiculous range and kill them when they think they are safe.

Ws playing Teemo before (with bunny skin) and he was my all time favorite. But now i think i will abandon the swift scout for a while and focus on kog'maw.

Fucking shame that the best skin for kog'maw costs about 1900 RP.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

The best movie ever!

The Room: The Room is a 2003 independent drama film starring Tommy Wiseau, who also wrote, directed, and produced the feature. In addition to Wiseau, the principal cast includes Juliette Danielle, Greg Sestero, Philip Haldiman, Kyle Vogt, Carolyn Minnott, and Robyn Paris.

The film has been dubbed "the Citizen Kane of bad movies"[1] and one of the worst films ever made.[2][3] Originally only shown in a limited number of California theaters, the film quickly developed a cult following as fans found humor in the film's various technical and narrative flaws. Although Wiseau promotes the film as a black comedy, audiences have generally viewed it as a poorly made drama, a viewpoint supported by some of the film's cast.[4][5] Within a decade of its premier, the film was selling out showings around the United States and had inspired a video game, book, and traveling stage show.

I've seen it and it's god damned awesome!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

They say...

Jonas Jonson Brunk (or Jonas Jonasson Bronken, Jonas Jonassen Bronck), born 1600 North Ljunga Socken, Småland. Died in 1643, is according to the story the man who gave name to the district of the Bronx in New York City, USA.

He is said to have bought a piece of land from the Indians. The land was called by the people there for the broncho's Land, and eventually the Bronx.

Brunk's father was also named Jonas and was a farmer. His mother was Marit Jonsdotter Brunk in Komstad Backgård. At first it was thought that Jonas would be a farmer like his father but he wanted to become a sailor and travel to foreign countries.

It is known that he made ​​long journeys, perhaps even to India.
Early in May 1639, he was on his way to New Netherland in today's New York state.

Snatched from Wiki!

Super Soldier Ant!

Tinker, tailor, soldier ant!

Scientist have created a new breed of genetic altered ant super soldiers.

From the Daily Mail: Nightmarish 'supersoldier' ants with huge heads and jaws have been created by activating ancient genes.

Scientists believe the monster ants may be a genetic throwback to an ancestor that lived millions of years ago.

Scientists say they can create the supersoldiers at will by dabbing normal ant larvae with a special hormone - the larvae then develop into supersoldiers rather than normal soldier or worker ants.

Read more:

I think i should update the "Pets i want to have" article now.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Strange accident

An accidental shot from own gun struck and killed a practice shooter in his 20s at Spillepengens shooting facility in the north of Malmö.
The accident occurred at lunchtime. Shortly later the man was declared dead.

Exactly how the accident happened is not known. The police did soon realize that the fatal bullet came from the man's own weapon. Five to six people were nearby when the accident occurred, but no other people were hurt.

How in the hell? I guess it was a ricochette but the report said that the "bullet" came from his own weapon, making it sound like it was the whole bullet, and not fragments.

Collecting bills and shit!

Currently unemployed and i have spent the last 5 days going through 53728 receipts and invoices trying to find the correct bills. And tomorrow i have to go and collect unemployment money.

Fucking shameful

Thursday, January 5, 2012

First time i watched this..

i laughed uncontrollably for 15 minutes. It was tough!

Imagine that there are really people out there who spend time and money to build useless contraptions (but funny) just for the shits and giggles of it. Awesome!

Strange/awesome pets i want to have

Bald Eagle
Imagine walking down the street in your town, like the bad ass that you are, but this time you have a god damned Eagle sitting on your shoulder.

And if someone tries to do something funny to you, the eagle will spread his wings across 7 feet and start hollering like crazy and go for attack mode (they aim at the eyes and throat)

Their diet mostly consist of fish, so you can basically go to an eagle tolerant restaurant (I'm not sure how many of those we have in Sweden) and other fish and have a nice dinner with your fucking bald eagle sitting across the table. I would also give it some wine, because the thought about a shit faced eagle is even more bad ass.

Honey Badger
This one is pretty fucking self explanitory

Enough said!

The closest to owning a dinosaur you can get. They are carnivorous and you feed them live bunnies/chickens etc (or frozen ones, but that's probably not as fun)

Imagine bringing home some one and say "I'm just going to feed my pet" and you pick up a live bunny, look at the person, throw the bunny in a cage and watch a blood crazed monitor grabbing the bunny and crashing it everywhere. Because first impressions last!

They can grow to be about 2.5 meters. And you can walk them around in a leash and have them hunt and eat those annoying city pigeons.

Highly intelligent and loyal also. And as in the eagle case you can have the raven on your should as well, or have them circle around you 50 feet above and make you look like death himself.

From Wiki: One experiment designed to evaluate insight and problem-solving ability involved a piece of meat attached to a string hanging from a perch. To reach the food, the bird needed to stand on the perch, pull the string up a little at a time, and step on the loops to gradually shorten the string. Four of five Common Ravens eventually succeeded, and "the transition from no success (ignoring the food or merely yanking at the string) to constant reliable access (pulling up the meat) occurred with no demonstrable trial-and-error learning."

It might be illegal to own every single one of theses animals, but if you have an eagle, honey badger, monitor and a raven as your loyal friends, i would like to see someone try to take them away.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dual monitor issue!

Since i got back from a LAN-party i'm having some issues with my dual monitor setup.

When i plug in a monitor with the normal blue VGA-cable the monitor works (tried on both) but when i try to connect my second monitor via display port nothing happens (same issue on both monitors).

Have anyone any idea what i should try out? I've tested with another display port cable with the same results.

Is there a setting in BIOS i need to change? I've updated my graphics drivers so it's up to date!

Any suggestions?

How many biebers can you beat?

Fight him off at !

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Calendar Science!

So it seems that the world "may" no longer have 365 days, but 364!

American scientists have figured out a calendar so that all the holidays will happen on the same weekdays (like christmas will occur on a thursday every year).

The first two months of each quarter has 30 days, the third 31st. An extra week added alternately in every five and six years after New Year's Eve so the calendar should not distance itself far from the sun again.

Doesn't matter if you're unemployed. But as an employee, it rocked to have some free days of randomly in the middle of the week.

Thoughts? Pros and Cons!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Deaths of 2011 (long list)

Might have forgotten a few, but here's a list!

  • January 4 - Prince Ali-Reza Pahlavi, 44, Persian Shah's youngest son.
  • January 31 - Eunice Sanborn, 114, American woman, the world's oldest living person.
  • February 6 - Gary Moore, 58, Northern Irish singer and guitarist, including hard rock band Thin Lizzy.
  • March 15 - Nathaniel Dwayne Hale, 41, American hip hop artist, known by stage name Nate Dogg.
  • March 23 - Elizabeth Taylor, 79, British-American actress.
  • April 14 - Walter Breuning, 114, the world's oldest living man.
  • May 2 - Osama bin Laden, 54, a Saudi terrorist leader, founder and leader of Al Qaeda.
  • May 7 - Seve Ballesteros, 54, Spanish golf legend.
  • May 30 - Ricky Bruch, 64, Swedish People's favorite and athletes.
  • June 3 - Jack Kevorkian, 83, known as Dr. Death. Assisted people to suicide.
  • June 18 - Clarence Clemons, 69, American saxophonist.
  • June 20 - Ryan Dunn, 34, American actor and Jackass member.
  • July 23 - Amy Winehouse, 27, a British soul, jazz and R & B singer. Had severe problems with drugs.
  • September 7 - Stefan Liv, 30, Swedish hockey goalie. Died in plane crash in Russia.
  • September 13 - DJ Mehdi, 34, French star DJ.
  • October 5 - Steve Jobs, 56, American entrepreneur, founder of Apple.
  • October 20 - Muammar Gaddafi, 69, Libyan armed forces, Libyan leader from 1969 to 2011.
  • November 5 - Andy Rooney, 92, legendary American television journalist.
  • November 7 - Joe Frazier, 67, American boxer and world champion in heavyweight 1970-73.
  • November 11 - Heavy D, 44, American rapper.
  • December 17 - Kim Jong Il, 69, North Korean military, North Korean leader since 1994.

SWTOR: First Impressions!

Well, it's fun. It's really really fun!

The interactive quest "menus" is a big leap from the normal quests found in other MMORPGS. I chose to play a Sith Inqusitor first (now playing a Bounty Hunter Merc) and one of the first questgivers you get kinda shows how interactive the new quests are. I really hated that guy. I really wanted to kill him due to his rudeness and cockyness.

The quests in SWTOR are all cinematic and have voice actors so instead of reading quests in your boring mind voice, you have a voice actor read them to you so you can hear all their arrogance and cuntiness (Siths are bastards).

The map system is great too. If you are talking about quests it's really an A to B system. You pick a quest, look at the map and it shows right away where you should go. And if you are not nearby the quest point it shows the waypoint to that quest.

You also get a companion at an early level so you allways have a tank/healer/dps:er along side with you.

I'm only level 11 so i havent gotten into PVP or instances but that will be for another post in the future!