Wednesday, December 28, 2011

So my phone broke...

Was sitting in a coffe shop (not like the ones in Amsterdam with all that jazzy tobaccy) and a friend decided i should do a system restore on my Samsung Galaxy S.

Said and done, i did it. Mostly because it was freezing up frome time to time and i could not get the MMS to work.

So i navigated through the system menus and found something along the lines of "Perform System restore). Nervously i pushed the button and the mobile shut down and booted up with the text "Samsung Galaxy S" and it stayed so for a while.

And a while more..

And a few more while mores after that.

Rage Guy flowed through my head. So i went home and plugged in the micro-USB cable to try and get the phone in either recovery mode or download mode. Nothing worked.

I sent a mail to the company who sold me the phone, and a few days later i got a box where i could re-box my phone and send it back.

This was 14 days ago and my phone is still stuck somewhere in the world and the phone company hasn't got it either.

It's a waiting game, a really sucky waiting game where it feels like the end price for me is a swift kick in the balls.

Just felt i needed to vent. Carry on!


  1. That sucks man, sned it back to samsung maybe they are usually pretty helpful!

  2. Can't :/ My phone is in a box somewhere :(