Saturday, December 31, 2011

Vuvuzela vs. Westboro Baptist Church (Christian Extrimists)

This won't be a massive post, but instead a rather enjoyable youtube video.

Happy New Year, but not you Australians! Damn hipsters.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Star Wars: The Old Republic!

I had to buy SWTOR under gun point and was just wondering which class i should play? My kidnappers are playing the dark side and i was thinking about playing the Sith Inquisitor class. Thoughts?

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Recommended Youtube channels!

Want to pass your time and make the time just fly away? Well i got some youtube channels i myself have subscribed to and want to share with you kind folks!

Good Griefing (griefing on mw2/3 and Halo)

BF vs GF (a boyfriend and girlfriend videoblog and prankchannel)

zXNoRegretzzXz (How to Annoy on Mw2 private channel)

GirlOnDuty (girl from Germany who plays FPS, Minecraft etc, perfect english)

JennaMarbles ("how to trick people that you are really good lookings" girl's channel)

Dopelives (remember laddergoat? This is his channel! Lots of laughter!)


My Shroom Experience!

About 6 - 8 years ago i decided to try out some Shrooms. Why?
Well, mostly due too shrooms growing in fields all over northern Sweden.

I got them from a friend (about 2 grams) and ate them at the local bus station. This was during the summer time so the theme and setting was top notch.

The sun was high in the sky and no clouds what so ever so this was the perfect setting.

Me and two other friends walked around for a little while and decided to sit down on a couple of benches. And then it hit.

First feeling was like when weed hits you, reality becomes warped and the memory becomes buzzed and warped. First thing i noticed, while looking down on the tarmac/asphalt, was that the small gravel seemed to float in small rivers away from me.

Note that my time frame was FUBAR at this moment but i estimate that i spent about 10 - 15 minutes looking at these small rivers and being fascinated by them.

Before i decided to eat mushrooms i did some studies on it, and the first thing you learn is that hallucinogenic should be respected to 110%. I myself had a friend who went to denmark for 12 days and ate shrooms every single day and when he came back home...psychosis!

He is fine now, 6 years later. But he, inadvertently, learnt me to respect all kind of drugs. Weed, haschish, shrooms, lsd, ecstasy etc.

Back to my story! I later felt i need to take a piss so i went into my local super market. At first the thought of going into a high crowded place freaked me out, but it was better than getting fined for "public pissing" by the police when high of shrooms.

Turns out it was nicer and easier than i thought. I went into the toilet and did my business and studies the water in the toilet for about 5 minutes before i went out.

Then i made a very bad decision - to go into a dark parking garage.

After about 10 minutes i started to see Japanese demons coming out from the shadows. They were not in high detail but more outlines. Told my friends, calmly, that i might freak out if i stay here longer. So we went out and as soon the sun hit my face i felt OK again.

We walked to a swing set and i was coming down of the shrooms. Thought a lot about my parents and how they ALWAYS looked out for me and cared about me. I looked at a balcony close by and could see them stand there and way at me. This was not a hallucination nor reality, i just mentaly pictured them. It made me happy.

I turned my head around and saw my friend lying on the grass. For me it looked like he was a stray dog who had got lost and had passed out. I made fun of him and began laughing hysterically. I annoyed him to the point he just bailed which made me laught even harder.

I walked back home after about 30 minutes and everything was in a yellowish shade. I said Hi to my mom and told her i was just at town with my two friends. I sat down by my computer which decided to freak out on me. I thought to myself "Computer problems while on shrooms, perfect..."

But a restart was all it took to get it to working properly again. I chatted with my two friends who was with me during my trip and they told me i looked "sober" during my trip. Except for my huge pupils.

I went to bed shortly after that and woke up feeling better than usual.

There's no punchline to this story. I can promise i will never touch a hallucogenic drugs again due to the outmost respect i have for them, and i like my mind to be clear and normal.

Sorry about my crappy english, it is not my native language.

My biggest fear

Heights, god damned heights.

That's why i will NEVER visit middle- or north Norway due to the 1 km high cliff walls.

Sweaty palms begin!

The MAVerfuckers!

Me and a friend decided to record a couple of MAV kills in BF3.

Our next video will probably be long range sniping (over 2000 meters).


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Which one?

In a couple of months i will be able to get me a brand new cell. But which one should i pick?

The iPhone 4s

Or the Samsung Galaxy sII

Pros and cons and personal feel on both phones would be appretiated in the comments. Or a flame war will ensue. We'll see!

Game of the Saint, every Row!

Game of the year, every year!

The humor
The style
The power
The WTFs?
The auto tune

If you haven't bought it, do it!

So my phone broke...

Was sitting in a coffe shop (not like the ones in Amsterdam with all that jazzy tobaccy) and a friend decided i should do a system restore on my Samsung Galaxy S.

Said and done, i did it. Mostly because it was freezing up frome time to time and i could not get the MMS to work.

So i navigated through the system menus and found something along the lines of "Perform System restore). Nervously i pushed the button and the mobile shut down and booted up with the text "Samsung Galaxy S" and it stayed so for a while.

And a while more..

And a few more while mores after that.

Rage Guy flowed through my head. So i went home and plugged in the micro-USB cable to try and get the phone in either recovery mode or download mode. Nothing worked.

I sent a mail to the company who sold me the phone, and a few days later i got a box where i could re-box my phone and send it back.

This was 14 days ago and my phone is still stuck somewhere in the world and the phone company hasn't got it either.

It's a waiting game, a really sucky waiting game where it feels like the end price for me is a swift kick in the balls.

Just felt i needed to vent. Carry on!

Up and Running!

So, usually a first post on any new blog is "Test" and then it gets deleted and thrown in the shame dumpster.

Not here though! This test is staying! HA HA